Privacy policy

In the event of a disagreement between and the Client or a conflict between the provisions in the English language and the provisions in any other language, the provisions in the English language shall prevail.

and its related organizations, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and protecting the personal and financial information of Customers.

By opening an account with the Company, the Client hereby consents to the collection, processing, storage and use of personal information by the Company, as described below.

Collection of personal information

The Company collects certain information necessary for opening a Client's account, carrying out transactions and protecting the assets and confidentiality of Clients and providing the necessary services to Clients. In this regard, the Company collects information from Customers and may, under certain circumstances, collect information from banks and / or credit institutions and / or clearing organizations and / or other sources, and such information will help the Company build a Clients profile based on their requirements and preferences for effective providing their services.

The information collected by the Company includes information necessary for communication with Clients and for their identification. The company may also collect certain demographic data, including date of birth, education, profession, etc. The company also assesses commercial data.

Use of personal information

The Company uses Customer’s personal information only as needed to ensure quality service and the security of its Customers. Such information helps the Company to improve its services, adapt site navigation for the Client and inform its Clients about additional products, services or promotions related to their activities, and in this regard Clients hereby agree to use this data for such purposes.

If Clients for any reason do not want to receive such information, they can contact the Company at the following address: .

Protection of personal information

Any personal information provided by the Company's Client will be considered confidential and distributed only within the Company and its affiliates and is not subject to disclosure to third parties, except in the framework of any legal proceedings or on legal grounds. If such disclosure is required by law or is required by any regulatory body, it will be made according to the principle of the actual need for familiarization, unless otherwise provided by the regulatory body. In such circumstances, the Company must expressly notify the third party of the confidential nature of the information.

Affiliates and partners

The Company may exchange information and data of affiliates in the event that such information is reasonably necessary for such an affiliate to provide products or services to its Clients. The Company may exchange information with partners, affiliates and related Companies in order to offer additional similar products and services that meet the needs of the Clients, while the data and information are transferred in a manner that is acceptable and relevant, and in cases where the Clients have authorized the Company on this.

Non-affiliated third parties

The Company does not sell, does not grant the right to use, does not transfer for temporary use and does not otherwise disclose the personal information of the Client to third parties, except as described in this Privacy Policy.

The company reserves the right to disclose personal information to third parties, if such is required in accordance with the provisions of the law, at the request of regulatory and other government agencies. The Company may also disclose information as required by credit reporting or collection institutions, if this is caused by the need to provide services to the Company and / or its Clients.

In addition, the Company may involve third parties to assist in the performance of certain internal functions, such as invoice processing, office management, Customer service, customer satisfaction surveys, or other data collection activities related to its work. Use of disclosures is strictly limited to the above and is not allowed for any other purpose. All third parties to whom the Company discloses personal information are required to protect such personal information in accordance with all requirements of applicable law and in a manner similar to how the Company protects them. The company will not disclose personal information to third parties who, in its opinion, will not be able to provide its clients with the necessary level of protection.

In cases where Clients are introduced into the Company by a business introducer, such a business introducer may have access to Clients information. Therefore, Customers hereby agree to exchange information with such a business introducer.

Contact with customers

From time to time, the Company may contact Customers by phone or e-mail in order to provide them with additional information about the Company's products. In addition, the Company may occasionally contact Customers, whether by telephone or e-mail, in order to inform them of unique promotional offers provided by the Company. By agreeing to and accepting our contractual terms when registering with the Company, Customers express their consent to such contacts with them. Any person at any time, for whatever reason, who wants to refuse further contacts with the Company, has the right to do so; to do this, you must contact the Company by phone or e-mail and notify her of the refusal of any further contacts on behalf of the Company.


The company is not responsible for the privacy policy or the contents of the sites to which refers and for which it cannot control the use of the information they collect or the ways to protect it. Whenever you click on a link to an inter-brand site or a linked site, the Client is asked to provide registration data or other personal information. Please note that such information is recorded by a third party and will be governed by the privacy policy of that third party.

Use of cookies

The company uses cookies to protect the activities of customers and improve the effectiveness of the site of the Company . Cookies used by the Company do not contain personal information or other confidential information.

The company can share site usage statistics with trustworthy advertising companies and its affiliate marketing companies. It is noted that the information collected by such advertising companies is not personally identifying information. In order to manage and improve the website of , the Company may involve third parties to track and analyze information on usage and statistical information. Third parties may use cookies to track behavior and may set cookies on behalf of the Company. Such cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

Privacy Policy Updates

The Company may update the Privacy Policy from time to time. In the event of a significant change in the provisions of the Policy, including those relating to the procedures and methods for the collection, processing and use of personal information of Customers, the revised Privacy Policy will be published on the Company's website. In this regard, the Customers hereby agree to consider the publication of the revised Privacy Policy in electronic form on the site as the actual notification by the Company of their Customers. Disputes and disagreements regarding the Company's Privacy Policy are subject to such notice and the provisions of the Agreement with the Client / Contractual Terms. The Company recommends its Clients to periodically review the Privacy Policy in order to always know what information the Company collects, how it uses it and to whom it can disclose it in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.