Return policy

The company strives to ensure that each client is satisfied with the quality of the services provided. This is exactly what this refund policy is for. In exceptional cases, the Company may return funds to the customer’s bank cards. In this case, all funds will be returned to the card that was previously used to deposit funds.

When replenishing a trading account from a bank card, you agree not to submit a request for withdrawal of a payment already credited to a trading account to your bank or your credit card supplier both on time and after using our services. Any such attempt will be considered by our Company as a violation of the Terms and Agreements. If the Company still receives a withdrawal of the payment on the transaction, we reserve the right to freeze the current balance of the client and send the funds back to the trading account after paying all services and commissions.

Also, if no trading activity was recorded on your account within 12 (six) months, or trading was conducted, but in insufficient volume (the trading volume is calculated by the company individually), we will be entitled to return the money to the sender. In this case, we return the entire deposit.

Also, for certain objective reasons and, if necessary, the Company may refund payments received through any payment system, including credit / debit cards. In this case, the funds will be returned back to the same payment system, credit / debit card or bank account from which they were received.

Upon receipt of a request for payment / refund, the Company may spend up to 5 (five) banking days to process the request. After approval of the request, you need to wait 5-7 (five-seven) additional days before transferring funds to the Client’s account. In case of loss, no compensation is provided, and the Company is not liable.

In the event of a reasonable suspicion that the source of your funds and / or activities in general contradict the Company's policy on combating money laundering (AML), the Company reserves the right to unilaterally refuse to deposit / withdraw funds to / From your accounts in our systems, freeze these assets and return them back to the sender. Please note that we will also be required to notify the relevant government agencies of each case of violation of AML policies and will be entitled to disclose your personal data. The company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block both the crediting and the withdrawal of funds from your accounts by third parties. The input and output of funds from the account can only be carried out by the owner of this account.

In the event that throughout the entire period of using our services, we classify any of your activities (especially replenishment / withdrawal of funds) contrary to the usual purpose of using our services, where there is a direct or indirect intention, unfair or unfair the right to act within this document without informing you in advance. At the same time you, in this case, reimburse our direct and indirect losses / damage that we have suffered as a result of your activity, in particular - we will, at our own discretion, compensate all costs associated with remittances by withholding the corresponding amounts from your funds..